Creating the Best Father’s Day: Gift Basket Ideas for a Great Guy

Over the years, you’ve gotten to know what your dad loves (besides you, of course). And while all dads are not the same, there are a few things almost every one loves! Maybe he’s the outdoor BBQ-grill guru or the indoor chef of the family kitchen. Maybe he’s a sports fan. Or maybe delicious desserts and other high-quality confections are go-to faves.

With Father’s Day coming up (How is it already June?), a great idea to show him how much you care is to create and curate a Father’s Day gift basket, the ultimate care package filled with items he’s sure to love. If you haven’t done so already, check out our blog post “How to Craft the Perfect Gift Basket Made from Hawaiian Goodies!” It makes a fantastic “FYI” about how to get started: why someone would appreciate a gift basket; how to create one yourself; where to find one already pre-filled with, for example, a variety of delectable confections.

One-Stop Shop for Pop: Snag a Pre-Filled Father’s Day Gift Basket

If you’re short on time or ideas, the pre-filled route is the way to go. Big Island Candies’ specially designed Father’s Day Gift Basket will have him saying, “Way to go!” It features:

And don’t forget a sampling of the Islands’ best individually wrapped shortbreads (for the best dad):

He’s Been Your Champion

If sports are one of Dad’s true loves, here are a few winning ideas to create a sports-themed Father’s Day gift basket for the next game day:

It’s in the Bag: Instead of a traditional Father’s Day basket, purchase a backpack or a duffle bag with his team’s logo on it. This becomes the container to hold all of his new sports swag:

  • Roll up a team t-shirt or another article of apparel, and throw in a rally towel or a cap – Almost every team has a website, most with a “Shop” section where you can find apparel items like this.
  • Sports and snacks go hand-in-hand – Get a can of mixed nuts or a couple bags of our Sweet & Salty Snack Mix or Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts. He can pour some out in one hand and still give high-fives with the other.
  • Purchase a gift card to a local restaurant or grocery store, so he can pick up some spicy wings and ranch dressing or other favorite game-day eats – Here on the Big Island, KTA Super Stores has an incredible selection of fresh poke, which is a staple on any coffee table while the game is on. (OK, now we’re getting hungry!) Place the gift card and your Father’s Day card in one of the pockets of your Father’s Day duffle gift bag for a fun surprise.

He’s the Reel Deal: From a football tackle to fishing tackle. If Dad loves to head out bright and early in the morning with rod and reel, pick up an insulated personal cooler or a tackle box, and fill it with new fishing supplies to help make every trip a success. This will be a guaranteed Father’s Day catch he won’t release:

  • To help him keep both eyes open during those early mornings out on the water, pick up a new Thermos®, so he can fill it with coffee before heading out. (Kona or Ka`u varieties are our go-to grounds).
  • To keep him hydrated, a reusable water bottle such as a Hydro Flask® is a smart accessory.
  • While Dad is waiting ever so patiently for the fish to bite, he’ll need something to snack on. Add to the cooler or tacklebox gift basket a bag of beef jerky; a bag of Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee Beans (to keep his energy up); and a savory snack of Milk Chocolate Dipped Ika—dried, shredded cuttlefish (squid) that’s pleasantly salty.

Sports retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops offer an extensive array of fishing apparel and rain gear, lures, and lots of other accessories, including books and DVDs.

He Makes the Best Dad

Whether he’s the outdoor grill master or the indoor creator of gourmet food in the family kitchen, purchase a new baking or grill pan or stock pot to act as a unique gift basket. Then fill it with a few of these Father’s Day gift basket ideas to keep him cooking up a five-star storm:

  • A bestselling cookbook
  • New cooking utensils
  • The latest, coolest kitchen gadgets
  • An apron
  • A collection of fresh summer sausages from your local gourmet grocery store meat counter
  • The Big Island Candies’ Handsome Gift Box  – While he’s thumbing through his new cookbook or reading the manual to his new gadget, he can snack on delicious shortbreads and other confections. And since he’s the best and the brightest, supplement his Father’s Day gift basket with some of our golden goodies: Lemon Brownies or Golden Macadamia Nut Brownies.

Williams Sonoma is a great source for gourmet foods and professional-quality cookware. They’ve even dedicated a section on their website to gifts for dads.

There you have it, and soon maybe your dad will have one these too! We hope these Father’s Day gift basket recommendations will help make your dad feel even more appreciated than he already is. He’ll surely be surrounded by the people—and personalized gifts—he loves. Sounds like you just created the best Father’s Day.

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