Why a Hawaiian Gift Bag Is the Perfect Surprise for Any Occasion & How to Make One – Easily!

Looking for great gift ideas? Look no further! A Hawaiian-themed gift bag could be the perfect gift idea for a birthday or holiday present, a thank-you gift, party favors for guests—the list goes on. Gift bags are perfect for almost any occasion, and adding a taste of Hawai`i into the mix can add an element of surprise that makes the gift that much more special.

What Makes a Gift Bag the Right Gift for Any Occasion?

Gift-giving isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. No matter how well you know someone, finding just the right gift can take a lot of thought. And for people you don’t know well, it’s even more difficult because you don’t know what they like. Giving a gift bag can solve these problems easily, making quick work out of choosing a gift the person will love.

What exactly makes a gift bag a universally smart gift idea?

  • Just about any occasion: They’re perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, as party favors, thank-you gifts, end-of-the-year teacher gifts, and more. You can add any item you like to a gift bag, allowing you to tailor the gift to just about any occasion.
  • Any recipient: Since a gift bag contains several different gifts, it’s easier to give something that’s appropriate to the recipient as well as for the occasion. You can buy a gift bag with pre-selected gifts or purchase items separately to create a unique bag that’s perfect for one special person.
  • Any budget: Gift bags are versatile and can be easy on your budget. Ready-made gift bags come in all price ranges, but you can build your own gift bag affordably too. By being thoughtful about the gifts you select for the bag, you can create a gift your recipient will love, without spending more than you can afford.
  • Any theme: Themed gifts can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re building gift bags for a baby shower or other party. You can go with an occasion-related theme or build it around something entirely different. For instance, for an engagement party for a couple who’s honeymooning in Hawai`i, Hawaiian-themed gift bags would be absolutely perfect!

Who Can You Give a Gift Bag to?

Finding the perfect gift can be tough sometimes, but a gift bag can fit the bill no matter who your recipient is. You can build a gift bag around any theme and to any budget, which means there are no limits when it comes to giving them as gifts. For instance:

  • For friends and family members on celebratory occasions such as birthdays and holidays
  • For Hawaiian party favors at birthday parties, engagement parties, and baby showers
  • Giveaways and prizes at parties and special events
  • Thank-you and appreciation gifts for volunteer workers and teachers
  • Business gifts for employees, clients and customers, colleagues, or coworkers

How to Build the Perfect Hawaiian Gift Bag

Building a Hawaiian gift bag is easy, even if you’ve never bought or made a gift bag before. To build your own custom gift bag, you’ll just follow a few simple steps and have the job done in no time!

Gift bags typically include a variety of edible items. Sometimes they might also include other items, depending on the occasion, budget, and recipient. For instance, small items such as jewelry, a gift card, coffee mug, or other small trinket-style items can be added to the bag.

1. Choose Your Gifts

Ordinarily you’d choose a theme first, but here, we’re going with the Hawaiian gift bag theme, so that’s step one done already. The next step is to choose the gifts themselves; in this case, a variety of Hawaiian-themed treats and other items. Some options include:

2. Choose Your Decorative Elements

To package a gift bag, you’ll need the bag itself, of course, and perhaps some extra decorative items too. You can add to the Hawaiian gift theme by choosing a simple bag made from natural-looking material. For instance, a brown-paper bag or something made from recycled paper fits the bill. Make sure to choose bags that are big enough to comfortably fit whatever gifts you plan to put inside. If the bag is too small, it may break; if it’s too big, the items inside won’t pack neatly.

Decorate with ribbon or a bow, or keep the Hawaiian theme going by substituting raffia for ribbon and adding a lei instead of a bow.

3. Assemble the Gift Bag

To assemble your Hawaiian gift bag, just sort out which items are the heaviest and which fit together most naturally. Put the heaviest, sturdiest item(s) at the bottom of the bag, so it doesn’t crush anything else. Then layer the smaller, lighter items on top.

Once the bag is packed, add your chosen decorations. Tie the handles of the bag with ribbon or raffia, attach a card, and you’re done!

Where Can You Find Hawaiian-Themed Gift Bag Items?

You don’t need to live in Hawaii to find suitable Hawaiian items for a gift bag. You should be able to purchase them from anywhere in the United States or have them delivered to your door.

  • If you have ideas in mind for a specific person, an online search should point the way. For instance, if you’re looking for a pineapple-print coffee mug, Google or Bing will help you find it.
  • For inexpensive items to add to party favor gift bags, or round out any other kind of gift bag, check out places like Target and Walmart.
  • Find the perfect Hawaiian treats at Big Island Candies! We’re based in Hawai`i and make a range of delectable Hawaiian baked goods, candies, and coffee, including shortbread and cookies, toffee and chocolates, roasted macadamia nuts, and authentic Hawaiian coffee.

Make It Easy, and Choose a Pre-Packed Gift Bag!

Building a Hawaiian gift bag can be easy and fun, but to make it even easier, why not choose a pre-packed gift bag? This is an especially handy option when you need a large number of gift bags for a party or other celebration.

Big Island Candies has a range of gift bags, boxes, and baskets, which we’ve filled with some of our best-selling coffees, baked goods, and other treats. If you’re looking for Hawaiian gift bag ideas, here are some popular options, for a range of budgets and purposes:

  • Our orange pineapple mini fabric bags include shortbreads and a brownie. These small bags are perfect party favors and Hawaiian luau treat bags, or you can add one to a larger gift bag you’re building.
  • The luminescent tall tote contains shortbreads plus brownies and mints.
  • If you’re building a larger gift bag, box, or basket, add one of our gift sets, such as the bright lotus box or gala basket. Gift boxes contain a variety of shortbreads, brownies, and candies. Each type of box includes a different assortment, so you can choose something your recipient will love.
  • Add some authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee or Ka`u coffee to round out the gift bag. These smooth coffee varieties are the perfect accompaniment to our shortbreads and candies.

Browse all our gift bags and boxes here!

Give a Gift Bag from Hawaii to Make Someone’s Day

Whether it’s large or small, a gift bag is a treat that everyone loves to receive. Unpacking the bag and checking out each individual item makes the enjoyment last longer, and all the tasty treats the bag contains only add to the pleasure. Whether you buy a pre-packed Hawaiian gift bag or build your own, shopping and giving the gift makes it fun for you too!

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