(S)care Packages: How to Make a Spooktacular Halloween Gift Basket

Gather ‘round, ghosts and goblins, for a true Halloween story. It was the night before All Hallows Eve when a young girl heard rustling coming from down the hall. She lay frozen in bed, hoping the sound would stop…but it didn’t. Mustering the courage to creep out of bed, she slowly opened her door and tiptoed toward the sound. As she got closer, she could see the dining room light on and hear voices whispering.

When she peeked around the corner, she noticed her parents with their backs to her, huddled in front of the table. The rustling noise continued, sounding now like sheets of paper being crumpled. She could see one of her parents holding a big pair of silver scissors, not like the small pair she used in school.

“What is that sound?” she asked.

Startled, her parents flung around to face her, yet they remained close together, as if trying to hide something. “Don’t come any closer!” one exclaimed.

“I heard something. It woke me up,” the girl said nervously.

Her parents smiled, and they both moved away from the table. The girl’s eyes got big. She’d never seen anything like it. In front of her was a cellophane-wrapped gift basket full of Halloween goodies. An orange ribbon was tied into a big bow on top.

“Surprise! Happy Halloween!” her parents shouted.

The girl smiled and asked, “Is that for me?!” Since the black cat was already out of the bag, she and her parents unwrapped the gift basket and started their Halloween early with a midnight snack of the girl’s favorite candy. To this very day, it remains the most delicious and happiest Halloween she’s ever encountered. Decades later, it’s she who now creates a surprise Halloween gift basket for her own kids, continuing her family tradition of enjoying a piece of Halloween candy with them at the stroke of midnight, every year on All Hallows Eve.

Alright, so we may have made that up, but it’s true that a gift basket of Halloween treats and holiday-themed items makes a scary-good present for just about anyone. And it’s very memorable. Here are some suggestions for what to put into a Halloween gift casket (sorry, basket)—first for the kids in your family, then for the grownups to enjoy.

How to Create a Fun Halloween Gift Basket for Kids

Epic Pail

A Halloween gift basket can be a literal basket (wicker or wood, for example), or you can get creative with the container while keeping with the Halloween theme. One unique idea that’s available in various sizes is the plastic jack-o’-lantern often used to store Halloween candy or on hand during trick-or-treating.

Browse a selection of Halloween gift tote bags and pails at the online Halloween store Spirit. Raffia or shredded brown paper can be used in the pail as packing material, on which to rest the gift items. But for a kid, that may not elicit the most exciting reaction. Try this instead: Glow in the Dark Spiderweb, or perhaps good old fashioned cotton balls to mimic an arachnid’s oasis.

Candy Cauldron

Let’s face it: A bunch of candy, cookies, chocolates, and sweets (or sour gummy worms) are what kids look for (and dig into) first:

  • Your local grocery store likely carries special Halloween editions of the kids’ favorite candy. Get a couple bags, and you’re off to a ghoul start.
  • A lot of children can’t resist the temptation of chocolate chips. Include Big Island Candies’ individually wrapped Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Shortbread and Chocolate Chip Brownies. How(l) delectable!
  • Kids love chips, right? How about corn chips AND chocolate AND peanuts together? Um… Yum! Individually wrapped Milk Chocolate Covered Corn Chip Crunch Bars from Big Island Candies are totally unique confections, or you can inhabit this candy cauldron of treats with some of these other chocolates or mini gift boxes.

Fright Sight

On October 31st, participate in Halloween activities with the little ones that turn “fright night” frightfully fun. Add a coloring or activity book to their Halloween gift basket, or set your sights on this Halloween Glasses Activity Kit or a Halloween Party Mask Kit from Target.

To make the night even more fun, throw a movie into the mix. If you don’t already have this in your film library, include It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Casper the Friendly Ghost, or another classic to watch as a family.

Putting Together Goodies for the Grownups

Why should the youngsters have all the fun? Many adults wait all year for Halloween to arrive! (You know some have their costumes picked out already.) Get the young-at-heart even more into the Halloween madness with candy and cookies, Halloween decorations, and a creepy movie with a side of snacks and “spirits” for their gourmet Halloween basket. Your friends will be shocked at how well you know them.

Caramel Spell

Share gooey goodness with a selection of Big Island Candies’ confections, featuring caramel:

Another classic caramel treat, especially during this time of year, is the caramel apple. Check your local grocery store for a caramel apple kit.

Window Clings and Spooky Things

For Halloween, turn your friend’s house into a house of horrors (temporarily). Party City has a selection of door and window decorations, some of which feature a slice of Hollywood horror-film references. You could also include something charming to balance out the frightening in their Halloween gift basket, such as miniature pumpkin-shaped centerpieces or these friendly figures.

Creature-Feature Comforts

If your friend or family member is a film fanatic, chances are Halloween is one of their favorite nights to stay in, sit back, and relax (or tense up) in front of a cinematic classic. His favorite black-and-white spooky movie from the ‘50s or her favorite Freddie Krueger film from the ‘80s is all the more enjoyable with red licorice and microwaveable popcorn. And for something to wash it down with?

In the Spirit of Spirits

As the night dies down and another Halloween comes to an end, he or she (21 years and older) might appreciate a white wine or red wine gift. Make room in the gift basket for a bottle of wine or a gift card from their favorite alcohol or spirit shop.

Pair that wine with a cheese gift like smoked gouda or smoked cheddar. Something sweet is another excellent accompaniment to this type of Halloween basket. Check out this article from Forbes: “The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Halloween Candy with Wine.” One wouldn’t just drink any type of wine with their peanut butter cups, right? Or for more of a gourmet food, browse our selection of chocolates, made right here in Hawai`i.

Whether you’re creating a spooktacular sweets Halloween gift for the kids or the adults, remember—just like the parents in our all-in-good-fun story did—to end the assembly by wrapping the basket in cellophane and tying a big orange ribbon, those final touches to a Halloween gift basket full of tender, loving (s)care.

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