Perennial Favorites: Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love Flowers

Whether they’re growing in a garden outdoors or arranged in a bouquet indoors, flowers are reminders that natural beauty is all around us. It’s really no wonder why flowers go hand-in-hand with a box of chocolates for a special someone on Valentine’s Day, are part of a Mother’s Day gesture of gratitude, or sometimes the gift itself for a birthday or an anniversary. Their brilliant colors light up a space and bring a beaming smile to someone’s face while their often sweet-smelling aroma fills a room for several days.

However, it may be simultaneously easy and a bit challenging to think of a gift for those who are truly passionate about flowers. A dozen red roses or a gorgeous arrangement (with a card, of course) will always be a special surprise, but if you’re looking for something to go along with that—or instead of—we’ve compiled some unique gift ideas:

The Circle of Love

Here in Hawai`i, the iconic symbol of welcome, congratulations and other similar salutations is the lei. When this piece of wearable art is draped over someone’s shoulders, it becomes a fabulously fragrant gift they can take with them throughout the day, something that literally stays close to the heart. Traditionally, plumeria flowers are one of most popular components, but artisans can handcraft a lei from many different floral options, with some even including gorgeous greenery.

Hawai`i, naturally, has its share of florists, lei shops, and flower stands. For example:

  • In Hilo, Kui & I Florist, which has been voted Best Florist in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald Best of East Hawaii readers’ poll, provides selections for local recipients but also ships lei to the mainland.
  • Floral Mart has also been consistently voted one of the best florists in East Hawai`i. The Hilo-based business features this Single Orchid Lei in purple and white and this stunning Red Ginger Lei as part of their collection. It’s always a good idea to call first to confirm availability because it goes without saying, but lei in Hawai`i tends to sell fast!
  • Another popular florist is based on O`ahu. Watanabe Floral Inc. has also devoted part of its business to shipping lei to the mainland. And while this one doesn’t technically feature flowers, we had to show it. How fun is this sweet lei? Or how about this sour one?

How Does Your Garden Glow?

If your gift recipient has a green thumb, shower them with a selection of colorful floral bulbs, particularly ones to plant in the fall to enjoy in the spring. From daffodils to dwarf iris, tulips to crocus, and many others, he or she will appreciate this gift that keeps on giving, or shall we say, growing.

Check out this informative article at House Beautiful, featuring the “10 Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall.” To help narrow down your research and to ensure they receive some of their tried-and-true favorites, dig around and uncover some information from the person beforehand about which spring-flowering bulbs bring the most light to their life.

Take a Seat

Many outdoor gardening enthusiasts would likely say that maintaining a flowerbed is a relaxing, almost mindful, meditative experience, and that it’s good for the soul to get your hands in the soil. Oftentimes, however, all that tending requires frequent bending and squatting down for extended periods of time, which may not be too easy on the body when it’s time to get back up. This convenient Garden Seat/Kneeler could very well be the multipurpose gardening supply they didn’t know they needed! There’s also a handy add-on accessory: a pouch that attaches to the product to keep tools within reach.

Hummingbird Is the Word

Their garden is growing great—soon even better thanks to the floral bulbs you’ll bestow upon them. Now, your flower aficionado can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits (or flowers) of their labor. To help make the landscape look even lovelier, send them a humdinger of a hummingbird feeder so they can gaze upon new floating feathered friends. HGTV compiled a list of the eight best hummingbird feeders and accessories. You may notice that many of the feeders in the list are red or incorporate a red accent… Did you know that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red? Or that if a hummingbird is hanging upside down (like a bat), it’s taking a nap? Needless to say, the article is full of great information and product options.

Since we’re focusing on fans of flowers, the pick for “Best Hummingbird Feeder Stand” looks to be a smart option, as it can be kept on a deck, porch, or patio and features hanging hooks for flower pots—and maybe the lei we mentioned earlier—and a feeder itself. Also, Country Living featured an article of 14 Show-Stopping Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds. Pick a few and send them along with those bulbs.

A Bouquet of Fresh Flavors

We mentioned at the beginning of this post about how flowers and a box of chocolates make a classic gift pairing. At Big Island Candies—based here in Hilo on Hawai`i Island (affectionately nicknamed the Orchid Isle)—our seasonal gift assortments, many of which consist of premium chocolates, some of our signature shortbreads, and other goodies, are presented in brilliant packaging that pays homage to the natural beauty of Hawai`i. (And sometimes nature doesn’t just inspire our packaging design; it can influence the look of the confection itself. For spring 2021, we launched a limited-edition line of sakura (cherry blossom)-shaped macadamia nut shortbreads, which were popular with customers.)

Here are four gift boxes featuring flowers as part of their designs, each including a bouquet of fresh, high-quality confections:

  1. Heliconia Glow Keepsake, featuring the vibrant flowers of the heliconia plant, includes, in part, two pieces of our Mika Macadamia Blossom Honey Chocolates.
  2. Orchids Drawer Box is a regal gift that’s pretty in purple.
  3. Exquisite Bloom Trifold Box features an inventive design, and includes innovative indulgences.
  4. Postage Stamp Cube delivers the deliciousness and some iconography associated with the Islands, including the yellow hibiscus, Hawaii’s official state flower.

To see our current offerings, visit our Gifts page at

Give any one of these gifts to a friend or loved one who adores flowers, and you’ll continue to be another of their perennial favorites.

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