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Sakura Flowers Flourish in the Aloha State

Splashes of pink primp up the verdant landscape as delicate cherry blossom buds awaken to articulate their ornate beauty. Each spring, passersby who relish the transient bloom of the sakura are partaking in hanami (flower viewing), but rather than doing this at Hirosaki Castle Park or Shinjuku Gyoen in Japan, they are doing it right […]

Ringing in the Lunar New Year: Traditions, Treats, and How You, Too, Can Celebrate!

When many people think of the New Year, they likely think of the festivities surrounding the eve of December 31st and the celebratory countdown to January 1st. Images of impressive fireworks displays overhead, a scrumptious spread of food and desserts, plus the good times with friends and family are called to mind. And when January […]

15+ Foods You Have to Try When You’re in Hawai`i

Hawai`i is home to one of the world’s most storied and eclectic cuisines—ancient foods with centuries and even millennia of traditional usage combined with foods and cuisines brought to the area by explorers, missionaries, whalers, and immigrant workers. Over several hundred years of local history, all these influences have mixed and melded together. The resulting […]

How to Celebrate the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, No Matter Where You Are!

Hawaii’s Kona Coffee Cultural Festival has been running for more than 50 years on the Big Island! It’s become a popular event that locals and visitors enjoy every year. While coffee growers in the Kona district compete in the Cupping Competition, festival-goers tour local coffee farms, watch live performances, and see local art and cultural […]