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25 Ideas for an Amazing Lū`au Party

A Lū`au is a practically perfect party theme. Obviously great for summer, a Lū`au party can bring color to a dreary fall or help your holiday party stand out in a unique, tropical-Christmas way. The theme is ideal for virtually any age too—a kids’ afternoon event or an evening adults-only bash. Whether you’re celebrating a […]

Not Your Average Beverage: Why Kona Coffee Must Be in Your Next Cup

Kona coffee has become known around the world, recognized by coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike. It’s synonymous with Hawai`i and, more specifically, the district of the Big Island, where specialty coffee trees are grown, and famous coffee beans are produced. Learn where Kona coffee originally came from, what makes it so special, and how […]

Grounds for Celebration: How to Build an Epic Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

There are lots of avid aficionados that are passionate about their interests: sports fans and movie buffs, comic-book collectors and wine enthusiasts. Another group that comes to mind—coffee lovers! Some start their day with the beverage—the aroma alone from brewing coffee can be the driving force that gets them out of bed. Some cap an […]

22 Foods You Must Have at Your Next Luau Party

Summer is a great time for a luau and all that delicious food can make you feel like you’re on the sands of Hawai`i! But really, any time can be the right time for a luau. Even if cool weather forces you and your guests indoors, the enticing flavors and aromas of Hawaiian party food […]