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How to Craft the Perfect Gift Basket Made from Hawaiian Goodies!

Hawaiian gift baskets and boxes are wonderful to give to nearly anyone for virtually any occasion. How can someone say no to a gift basket brimming with delicious candies, baked treats, and gifts from Hawaii? Personalize it with one or two added extras for a winning gift to make your loved one smile! A Gift […]

5 Amazing Staycation Ideas for an Unforgettable Vacation at Home

People all over the world look forward to a yearly vacation as the time to get away from their everyday lives and do something different! For some, it means traveling to a new city, a new state, even a new country. But sometimes health, personal, or financial circumstances hinder travel. When that’s the case, don’t […]

Need a Hawaiian Gift? Here Are 16 Amazing Ideas!

We’re not all amazing gift-buyers who intuitively know what the perfect gift is for every occasion! Whether you’re buying for someone who loves the Hawaiian Islands or just want to give a unique, colorful, and fun gift, buying with Hawaii in mind is always a great idea. Not sure where to start? Think of items […]

3 Ways to Get to Hawaii, Including 1 You Can Do Right Now!

Nothing beats the relaxed, refreshing vibe of a Hawaii beach vacation. If this is the kind of getaway you could use right about now, you’re probably dreaming about how to get to Hawaii from your city and state. This guide will give you a quick primer on traveling to Hawaii from mainland U.S.A. We even […]