Yum in the Sun: Your Guide to Summertime Goodies

Summer is here, and that means many are wrapping up work, clicking “End Call” on their last video conference, or setting up their “Out of Office” message before a well-deserved vacay. For the kids, school is out and playtime is in, when every day is a fun-filled Saturday. It means a 4th of July backyard barbecue or a cookout during the week just because. Summer is the mid-year season to sigh (in a good way), to lounge around a little longer, to spend time relaxing under sunny skies, while looking forward to even brighter days ahead.

So whether you’re hanging out with family and friends at home (By the way, we’ve got some great ideas here.), packing up the car and heading out on the open road, or taking to those sunny skies once again, there’s a little bit of work that needs to get done first: deciding what deliciously fun treats to enjoy, and share!

At Big Island Candies, you’ll find items that include rich milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate, even shortbreads dipped in a creamy white coating. But we also create goodies without chocolate that are equally superb—anytime of year—but are particularly perfect during the summer for two good reasons:

  1. Every bite is remarkably refreshing, with some of the flavors (lemon, coconut, pineapple, macadamia nut) instilling those tropical-vacation vibes.
  2. They do well when it’s warm: under a beach umbrella, during travel in your carry-on, on a road trip—no muss, no fuss! (To learn about how we go the extra mile during the summer months before shipping your order, click here.)

We thought we’d shed light on some of the confections that fit in this category. Think of the following as your guide to summertime goodies, what to enjoy at noon in June, on a night in July, or anytime in August:

Lemon Sublime

There’s something extra special about our Lemon Shortbread. Bask in its bright color; take in its brilliant taste. If you’re enjoying it indoors or out, it’s like an individually wrapped beam of sunshine just for you.

Simply the Zest

With our Lemon Brownies, as soon as you open each individually wrapped treat, you know it’s the fragrance of lemon, you know it’s that feeling of summer. Every bite, further enhanced by a lovely sugar glaze, may even bring up nostalgic memories of the neighborhood lemonade stand, quickly followed by the realization you’re enjoying something refreshingly innovative.

Your Piece of Paradise

Whether or not you can make it to a dreamy tropical locale, the phenomenal taste of our Coconut Shortbread can symbolically take you there. Each cookie features a generous amount of delicate shredded coconut, providing that familiar crisp texture and aromatic flavor.

Rise and Shine… Pineapple Time!

Summer’s all good, but make it even better by celebrating Pineapple Day on June 27 with any of these:

Our Pineapple Manju is a variation on a classic. Traditionally, the circular-shaped confection, with its pie-crust-inspired exterior, has a savory azuki-bean paste at the center, but our version has a buttery crust on the outside; on the inside, a golden pineapple filling. When you bite into it, a delicious experience is on the horizon.

Our Pineapple Shortbread is also something to keep in mind, something bright and refreshing you’ll never forget—there’s real pineapple juice baked right into the cookies. Available in its own gift box or as part of our Assorted Island Shortbread Combo, a collection of non-dipped cookies, approximately 10 each of 4 different flavors. Share this combo so others can try a variety throughout the day: Maybe Kona Mocha in the morning, Pineapple in the afternoon, Coconut after dinner, Macadamia Nut as a midnight snack.

And to help make a perfect day in the Islands even more peachy keen, bake and serve our Peach Pineapple Pie, available at our Hilo and Ala Moana Center stores.

Good. Butter. Best.

“Summer” and “vacation”—two words that—separately or when put together—can be music to your ears. Same with “butter” and “shortbread.” Our tantalizing Butter Shortbread (There’s that music again!) is a testament to how starting with high-quality ingredients can produce something simply satisfying. There’s so much to look forward to this summer, such as that first bite of Butter Shortbread… cue music.

Nuthin’ but the Finest

Nuts are not added to our Butter Shortbread, but macadamia nuts are one of the main stars of our original, incomparable Macadamia Nut Shortbread and our Golden Macadamia Nut Brownies. At Big Island Candies, we proudly use only the freshest, finest ingredients. There’s no substitute for quality, and while shortcuts during a road trip can make life easier, no shortcuts are ever taken here when we set out to create our confections.

Can’t Beat These Treats

Baked treats, that is—more specifically our selection of cookies:

We hope this guide pointed you in the right direction toward delectable summertime goodies from Big Island Candies, your go-to destination for Hawaii’s finest confections. Here’s to enjoying quality time—and sharing quality treats—with family and friends. Have a safe summer, filled with lots of yum in the sun.

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